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Adventist Youth Society

of the Toronto-Ghanaian Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The Adventist Youth Society of the Toronto Ghanaian Church is an organization formed within the church purposely for the Youth or the Young adults if you will in the church. Members of the Adventists Youth Society are ages from 13 up to about 23. The youth in this group perform various types of activities within the church body. Some of the basic things they do is running some programs in the church that were previously done by the adults such as running the Sabbath school program or singing the special song instead of the church choir doing it. There is nothing exciting than being part of something and that's what this group is all about. It is fun, religious, educational and most importantly praises the almighty God. Here are some of the things that are being held by the Youth.

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The Seventh-Day Adventist Youth Society preforms various activities throughout the whole year. The society have different activities during each season in the year. During most of the summer the Adventist youth organizes many outdoor activities. They organize soccer tournament between the different Adventist churches in the Metro Toronto Area. Churches go head-to-head with each other. This tournament runs through most of the summer session of the year. Adventist youth also play games such as Basketball, Baseball and Volleyball and sometimes Cricket during the summer season. All members of any Seventh-Day Adventist church is welcome to participate in this mindful and exciting event created to keep our youth busy. It is nothing but pure fun. During the winter session, they organizes in-door games. they play Table Tennis, Ludu, Oware, Checkers, Chess, CardGmaes and many more. They also play Bible studies which is also very exciting. The girls play this nice African games called Apme which you off your seat.

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The Seventh-Day Adventist Youth Society of the Toronto-Ghanaian Church is a growing fraternity every single second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year. It's members are enthauziastic and are always participating the youth events going on around them. The current membership is estimated at about 50 members and it is growing every day which is great. Some of the members in our Group listing are as follows:

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Upcoming Events

The Adventist Youth Society of the Toronto-Ghanaian Seventh-Day Adventist church has many plans that are ahead for them to pursue. In this month, Saturday February 21st 1998 is a big day for the Youth group. They are being asked by the Church body to perform the Sabbath school. On this day the youth will teach the adult Sabbath school in front of the whole church. The youth will teach the Sabbath school from Sunday to Saturday on that Sabbath day. teachers will be picked by the Sabbath school superintendent and the youth committee. Other members will be picked to participate in prayer, singing, and Bible reading. During the divine service, the youth will also be called upon to sing the special song that is usually sang by the church choir. This gives the youth an opportunity to express theirs elves to the church body. Next week Saturday which is 21st February, after the divine service, the youth Executive committee will held a special meeting in the youth room. All members of the executive committee is expected to attend. The executive committee will discuss on the events they want to hold out for their members for the year 1998.

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Camp Meeting

The Toronto-Ghanaian Seventh-Day Adventist church is going on a camp meeting on the last week of June this year. The camp meeting starts on the 24th June, 1998 in New York, U.S.A. The youth are planning on going to the camp meeting on their own, and in their own car. The youth will be holding some events on their own, for their own. They will participate in many events with other S.D.A. youth from Michigan, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Montreal and many other cities. For more information on the camp meeting, contact Festus Osei-Amanfi, Toronto. But remember to sign my Guest Book. Thanks for your time...

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Events Schedule for 1998-1999

The Adventist Youth of the Toronto-Ghanaian Church in Toronto have a lot of events that will be enjoyed. The events scheduled were brought up by the members of the executive committee who sat and thought about the most important things in the lives of the Youth and came up with these exciting events. Visit and enjoy yourself and remember everbody is welcome and invited to participate in all these events. thanks and stay tune....

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